by Chip & Dan Heath

Switch is one of those books that I really want to lend to a friend, but can’t bring myself to part with… I want to reread this book until its ideas become a part of my natural thinking process–It’s that good. The authors write about the difficulties and strategies of making real change on a personal, organizational, and global level. The Heath brothers address the emotional, rational/logical, and lack-of-direction barriers facing us when trying to change the status quo. The book’s examples range from successful diets, to the woman who transformed the retailer Target into “Tar-zhay”, to the college student who saved the national bird of St. Lucia from extinction, not to mention countless business cases along the way. These people were special, yes, but their successes followed key strategies and teach us important lessons. Whether you want to beĀ  a better “you”, become a better businessperson, or change the world, you must read Switch– just don’t ask to borrow my copy :).

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