Created by Bill Willingham

I grew up assuming comic books were only for pre-pubescent boys. After being introduced to the world of Fables, an adult graphic novel series, I realized how wrong I had been.

The series follows a community of underground “fables”, familiar characters from childhood fantasies, living in exile in New York City. Having been forced from their homeland by the “adversary” and a bloody war, characters including Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, and Cinderella must find a way settle in the human world. Don’t let the story line and characters fool you. This series is considered an adult graphic novel for a reason. The intricate plot lines, incredible graphics, creative historical allusions, and political undertones make this series less of a comic book, and more of a masterpiece. The characters may resemble their familiar fairy tales counterparts, but Willingham’s interpretation makes the characters dynamic and exciting. Prince Charming’s infidelity, Pinocchio’s sexual frustrations and Snow White’s political ambitions make this a series difficult to forget.

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