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Nuclear Negotiations

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In one of  the largest gatherings of world leaders hosted by a U.S. president in half a century, top officials from more than 45 nations are attending a 2-day summit in D.C. to discuss global nuclear security issues. As the president who announced  his goal to move toward “a world without nuclear weapons” and called the possibility of terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons “the most immediate and extreme threat to global security”, Obama’s hosting of a nuclear security summit is appropriate. The nuclear summit has two major aims:

  • discuss ways to track & secure highly-enriched plutonium around the world
  • halt the spread of nuclear weapons and keep them out of the hands of terrorist organizations

This summit will be characterized by important bilateral meetings, like yesterday’s meeting between the U.S. and China. It seems to be the only productive way to get results.

So far…

  • China’s President Hu Jintao has promised Obama that China will to join negotiations on new sanctions against Iran.
  • Ukraine has agreed to get rid of its entire stockpile of highly-enriched uranium by 2012.
  • Canada has agreed to give up their spent nuclear fuel to the United States.
  • Malaysian PM has pledged to adopt stricter import and export controls to curb the spread of nuclear weapons or material.

Last week, Pres. Obama signed an arms reduction treaty with Russia, the first in nearly two decades. If the agreement is ratified by the U.S. Senate and Russia’s Duma, it will cut both countries’ nuclear arsenals by almost 1/3. So far, the summit has been rife with “feel good” pledges from world leaders. After the summit ends we’ll see how good these leaders are at keeping their promises. And, more importantly, what kind of cooperation the U.S. gets in dealing with Iran. Just where is the IAEA in any of this, anyway?

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