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No Rhinos at the Tea Party

image from webshots user ivanwmlee

In 1773, a group of passionate American colonists, in resistance to a British tax on tea, boarded a British ship and threw trunks of tea into the Boston harbor. In 2009, the New American Tea Party emerged. Not only paying homage to their courageous ancestors, the party calls itself, ” a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend of fiscal recklessness in government”.

The New American Tea Party’s growing influence will have an interesting effect on the future of the Republican party. Although, the party insists its message is neither liberal nor conservative most of its high-profile members and supporters tend to be from the right. Tea party members have begun referring to some Republicans as RINOsRepublicans In Name Only.

If the GOP is able to refocus its attention on fiscal conservatism and release its stranglehold on social issues, it should have a better chance of regaining power in the coming years. Instead of allowing the party to be hijacked by fringe groups, the party would be better off returning to Bush’s circa 2000 “compassionate conservatism” and the message of the New American Tea Party.

The Tea Party risks alienating possible supporters by inviting far-rightists like Sarah Palin to speak at its events. Her abrasive speaking style and talk of “real Americans” is offensive to those the right is trying to woo, moderates and independents. The Tea Party movement claims it is maturing. At the inaugural National Tea Party Convention in Nashville this weekend, party organizers claimed they would kick out any attendees who looked “too crazy”. At rallies last year, protesters were spotted with posters of Obama with a Hitler-like mustache drawn on. To be fair, every party has their crazies. The Tea Party movement has obvious appeal among voters of all political background. If the crazies are kept at bay, maybe we can all sit down for some fiscal talk over tea. 🙂

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