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Toyota: Accelerating Troubles

Cartoon from intoon.com

When your brand is known best for quality and safety, you better make sure to deliver. Toyota’s recent recalls in the U.S. and Europe, as well as a worrying trend of recalls and safety issues in the last few years raise one question: has Toyota lost its focus?

2007: Consumer Reports announces it will no longer automatically recommend Toyota cars


  • American family dies in a crash- suspected that a floor mat problem in the Toyota vehicle was the cause
  • recall of 3.8 million Toyota cars and trucks with a floor mat that could interfere with the accelerator and cause a crash. It is the largest recall in company history.


  • Toyota decides to stop U.S. production and sales of eight models to fix defective accelerator pedals
  • smaller recalls are announced in China & Europe

It seems that Toyota became so obsessed with its mission to replace GM as the world’s largest carmaker (it did two years ago), that the company lost focus on its core strengths.  The carmaker overextended itself in pursuit of greater profits and market penetration.

Now Washington has stepped in to investigate reports about a braking problem in the 2010 Prius Hybrid that was first reported to Toyota last fall. I’m sure Detroit’s big 3 are staging celebrations right now after their dreadful year of media coverage and abysmal publicity. Several carmakers in the U.S. have already made plans to benefit from Toyota’s woes by offering discounts to customers trading in Toyota vehicles. Oh, Toyota- When it rains, it hails.

Let’s not forget my favorite quote from this mess:

“Mr. Yokoyama [a Toyota managing officer in charge of quality] told reporters that the new Priuses experienced ‘a slight unresponsiveness’ of the brakes that he said was easy to resolve by pressing harder on the brake pedal.” (NY Times)

THAT’S IT… No Toyotas for me…

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  1. Sarah
    February 4, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Seriously – we’re a Honda loving bunch for a reason. Sorry, Em.

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