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Is the Ice Thawing?

Cartoon from The Economist

You’d have to be quite the gambler to try to predict Iran’s future these days. An article in the Financial Times today reported that Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, expressed that Iran had “no problem” agreeing to a  compromise plan in which Iran’s low-enriched uranium would be sent out of the country to be processed into fuel for energy use. This would help to assure the world about the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program, while allowing Iran some autonomy in maintaining its nuclear power operations. Ahmadinejad’s statement is a reversal of attitude towards any intervention in Iran’s nuclear affairs. If the president is sincere and Iranian clerics approve of the compromise, this could be a step forward for Iran-US relations and Iran’s general position in the world. I am trying to suppress too much optimism, but this decision would be refreshing after the dialogue, or lack of dialogue, with Iran in 2009.

In the last year we’ve seen Iranian society rise up and express outrage over the country’s presidential election and the creation of a real opposition movement operating in public. As the hope of the Iranian people was shattered over a less-than-legitimate election and a violent suppression of protesters, Iranian society continues to be punished through global isolation and international sanctions. Even last week, Germany’s Siemens announced plans to pull out of Iran partly in response to calls for increased sanctions on Iran. If Ahmadinejad is at all worried about salvaging some credibility in Iran, he would be smart to accept the nuclear enrichment compromise.

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