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State of the Union

I don’t know if it was just me, but there was something inexplicably uncomfortable about last night’s State of the Union address. Between Biden’s goofy expressions and Pelosi’s awkward expressions of joy every time a Democratic bill or initiative was mentioned, there were several cringe-worthy moments. The close-ups of the Republicans muttering to each other and the puerility of the Democrats “whooping” and cheering just seemed inappropriate. Anyone notice that all the anecdotes about “real Americans” came from swing states? When Obama rang out a list of tax cuts and refusals to raise taxes, it sounded a bit like one of those infomercials that never ends. He actually used the phrase, “AND WHILE WE’RE AT IT LET’S…”

I didn’t find the speech inspirational or serious enough. Although there was admission of the severity of the times and the state of the economy, the speech seemed all over the place. I would have liked the President to address Americans more than the congressmen and senators. President Obama’s appeal to Democrats and Republicans to work on bipartisanship seems futile. It’s frustrating to see all of our representatives under one roof and realize truly how deep the political fissures in Washington run. It’s one thing to read about partisanship and conflict in Washington in the papers every day, but it’s another to actually see all of these people and realize that they are holding us back from being the country we could be.

Why is it only in times like 9/11 that we can truly recognize that we’re all on the same side? Regardless of methods and philosophy every government representative wants to see America be the best she can be and continue to shine long into the future.  Politics has turned into less of a twisted game or race and more into a war. The short-sightedness and spite of politicians will allow casualties to continue to pile up. Our representatives’ refusal to work together is a pathetic disappointment to the American people.

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